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advent Sentence Examples

  • The historian Julia Hessler has written that, β€œin a real sense, the stiliagi heralded the advent of an individualistic, self-expressive approach to consumption characteristic of the consumer societies of the postwar West.”

  • "With the advent of lightweight materials like carbon fiber and recycled aluminum, designers can incorporate renaissance design cues with sleek, well-proportioned contemporary shapes that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye -- and still capable of responsive performance," she says.

  • They demonstrated a kaleidoscopic video graphics program (possibly an early version of "BRIAN'S THEME") on a huge Advent display monitor, catching everybody's attention.

  • The advent of Buddhism into Japan was made possible by the simple fact that the people were becoming somewhat disgruntled with Shintoism, because of its emphasis upon the never-to-be questioned postulate that the Mikado and his progeny was the direct gift of _Kami_ to his people, to be obeyed without demur, and to be adored as divine.

  • According to the records of the Inquisition, a considerable number of female Jewish converts to Catholicism β€” including, most notably, a number of young girls β€” prophesied the imminent Redemption of the Jews and prompted what became a mass penitential movement among the conversos, who were resuming the practice of Judaism in anticipation of the messianic advent.

  • Jack London, the brilliant young author and essayist, is receiving congratulations upon the advent of a daughter.

  • However, with the advent of high quality prenatal ultrasonography, ventricular enlargement is now routinely diagnosed in-utero.

  • The variable ignored, maybe intentionally, is the impact on providers.

  • We all know this isn't true and this math is the worst kind.

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