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and Sentence Examples

  • There must in reproving be a distinguishing between sins and sins; some are more gross and heinous in their nature, or in the manner of their commission, with openness and boldness, to the greater dishonour of God and danger and hurt to men: and between sinners and sinners; some are of a more tender and tractable temper, apter to be wrought on by gentleness, and to be sunk and discouraged by too much roughness and severity; others are more hardy and stubborn, and need more cutting language to beget in them remorse and shame.

  • There is such a laughing and a talking as you never heard, and the girls are all in white and pink and cambridge blue, and the soda fountain is of white marble with silver taps, and it hisses and sputters, and Jim Eliot and his assistant wear white coats with red geraniums in them, and it's just as gay as gay.

  • Caitlin ...... [keekee jo] says: go for it. the "thesaurus" - a small dinosaur that often uses fluttery language to extracate itself from possibly harmful situations says: if u think im doing anything but trying to help you, stop and think real hard, then if u still think that way tell me and i can go upstairs and go to sleep and possibly forget the whole your deal and me not being involved with any of it. if you really think im not doing my best to help then tell me and i'll stop altogether and we might both be better off the "thesaurus" - a small dinosaur that often uses fluttery language to extracate itself from possibly harmful situations says: im telling u what i think, what i see, and what i think might be useful, and if its not going to help i wont

  • ... and going after strange flesh; or "other flesh"; meaning not other women besides their own wives, but men; and designs that detestable and unnatural sin, which, from these people, is called sodomy to this day; and which is an exceeding great sin, contrary to the light of nature and law of God, dishonourable to human nature, and scandalous to a nation and people, and commonly prevails where idolatry and infidelity do, ...

  • That will give Obama leftward incentive and it will keep Obama from being the leftmost side … and it will also keep the left side sane, and keep it thinking and sorting ideas, and keep it from degenerating toward a mess gravitationally unified by support for the ups and downs and particular acts and weird angles and bad moments of one trusted president for fear of the opposition.

  • Elijah was a man of great austerity and mortification, zealous for God, bold in reproving sin, and active to reduce an apostate people to God and their duty; John Baptist was animated by the same spirit and power, and preached repentance and reformation, as Elias had done; and all held him for a prophet, as they did Elijah in his day, and that his baptism was from heaven, and not of men.

  • Union of all souls; compose the dissensions which divide us from one another, and lead them back to an union with charity, which has a kind of similitude to Thy sublime essence: and as Thou art One above all, and we, one, through the unanimity of a good mind; that we may be found before Thee simplex and not divided, whilst celebrating this mystery; and that through the embraces of Charity and bonds of Love, we may be spiritually one, both with ourselves and with one another, through that Thy Peace pacifying all; through the Grace and Compassion and Love towards man of Thine Only-begotten

  • But Robinson has always been tight-arsed and stiff and DUP to the bone so he was never going to call his wife a cheating bitch and kick chairs around his office and scream and cry and lie down on the floor and get drunk and break some windows and shout at the dog.

  • At home, and had a fire made in my closet, and put my papers and books and things in order, and that being done I fell to entering these two good songs of Mr. Lawes, "Helpe, helpe, O helpe," and "O God of Heaven and Hell" in my song book, to which I have got Mr. Child to set the base to the Theorbo, and that done to bed.

  • But the quick and clever Dolores did fancy that she saw flashing now and then beneath the surface of those eyes some gleams of fitfulness, restlessness -- some light that the world calls eccentric, some light which your sound and practical man would think of as only meant to lead astray -- to lead astray, that is, from substantial dividends and real property, and lucky strokes on the Stock Exchange, and peerages and baronetcies and other good things.