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consummate Sentence Examples

  • The Huron was a most consummate swimmer, and moved, while in the water, as silently as a fish.

  • In the late war he made his name conspicuous by his valor and consummate military genius.

  • He protested that he liked nothing better than to see piquet played by two consummate players and men of fashion; and, taking a seat, undismayed by the sidelong scowls of his lordship, surveyed the game between the gentlemen.

  • And when the populace called for them into the midst, that as the sword penetrated into their body they might make their eyes partners in the murder, they rose up of their own accord, and transferred themselves whither the people wished; but they first kissed one another, that they might consummate their martyrdom with the rites of peace.

  • Puritan leaven of prudery, and the stern, stolid, phlegmatic decorum of Knickerbockerdom mingle in that consummate flower of the nineteenth century occident, the 'American Girl', who pales and flushes at sight of the carnival of the undraped -- in English art and literature.

  • The variable ignored, maybe intentionally, is the impact on providers.

  • We all know this isn't true and this math is the worst kind.

  • Seems dumb. i'm here covert streaming - livestream. com/imhere i'm here turns out there was a glitch in my downloaded mp4, make sure you watch the second 4 minute upload after the first part glitches

  • The statement also said, however, South Korea could still salvage dialogue by apologizing to the North for what it called unspecified "crimes" against it.

  • We were asked to consider whether the school library is a place, a concept, a function, or a learning commons; could we re-vision school as something happening within library?