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consumption Sentence Examples

  • "As he is also an item of expense, and commonly serves no industrial purpose, he holds a well-assured place in men's regard as a thing of good repute," Veblen wrote in his celebrated Theory of the Leisure Class, the book that brought us the term conspicuous consumption.

  • So the researchers went back to Thorstein Veblen, who coined the term conspicuous consumption.

  • “The LDS community is very prone to what we call conspicuous consumption,” he said.

  • The wealthy throughout the middle ages and early modern period engaged in conspicuous consumption and opposed new technology and methods.

  • The comprador elites only cared about exports and an upper middle class mired in conspicuous consumption - the auto industry was the axis of the Brazilian economy at the time.

  • While we are ass-deep to a tall Swede in conspicuous consumption, we are sorely lacking the peace and good will.

  • The phrase conspicuous consumption was made for vehicles like the Lexus LX 570.

  • The phrase conspicuous consumption was made for vehicles like the

  • On the subject of what the economists term conspicuous consumption and the inherent dangers lying therein, who has proven to be right?

  • I suspect the scrofula, and consumption, to arise in the young progeny from the debility of the lymphatic and venous absorption produced in the parent by this innutritious fossile stimulus.