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keen Sentence Examples

  • The air is crisp and keen; gay cries and clinking pattens tinkle in melodious confusion from the street below.

  • With the keen eye of design surgeons, 3HLD has taken what we think of as the typical monolithic medical structure, incised key exterior sections, implanted the voids with green gardens, and finished by wrapping the entire building in bandages of protective sunscreen.

  • They march to glorify loyalists who died in the troubles, keen to perpetuate the division that killed so many of them.

  • Though he had at one time intended taking up journalism, and was even called to the Bar, he was both by profession and inclination an educationalist, being especially keen on the study of continental methods of education, such as those of Belgium and Germany.

  • Lisa Cantini Seguin is not keen on the idea of enclosing her father's mural in a false wall.

  • With all the talk of a new approach to the whole business of politics (I hesitate to use the phrase ‘new politics’ since that might imply a new set of politicians, instead of which we are going to get a makeover from the old lot), might it not be time for this government, which is mad keen on creating new criminal offences for those it dislikes to commit, to come up with some criminal sanctions for ministers who know that a risk exists that, if they do not take reasonable and timely steps, damage will be caused to someone or something and who fail to take those steps.

  • And when the ball was kicked back into the England half, who was there to field it and run back into contact, keen to regain every possible centimetre and set off a new series of phases?

  • He was interested in, you know, geological make-up, earth's crust, astronomy, he'd learn about different constellations, ornithology, he was a keen bird-watcher.

  • It was a small book on birds and probably he had it already, for he was a keen bird-watcher, but he received it with delight, kissed her again and said, "Be off with you, Julie."

  • Forsyth, keen to discover more for his novel "The Cobra," posed as a bird-watcher and flew to the former Portuguese colony, only to find himself in the middle of political chaos.