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northwestern Sentence Examples

  • The northwestern limit of the ecoregion is the Sanaga River, a faunal boundary for such species as the golden angwantibo (Arctocebus aureus), white-bellied duiker (Cephalophus leucogaster), mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx), and elegant needle-clawed galago (Euoticus elegantus).

  • So I wrote, enclosing as requested the email from KLM which seems to imply that I can cancel – through Trailfinders – and also enclosing, for good measure, the article from the Hartford “Courant” about how Northwestern/Delta has dropped the route.

  • They treat coffee with a reverence, a fetishism, that is so Pacific Northwestern, it is positively Eastern: spending five, or ten, or twenty minutes watching and waiting for a cup of pour-over coffee at Blue Bottle, one cannot help thinking of the tea ceremony, in all its imponderable interminability.

  • South: the Nyamuragira - Nyiragongo lava plateau and the northwestern fifth of the volcanic Virunga massif, shared with Rwanda.

  • The storm is expected to strengthen further as it continues on a northwestern path that is expected to take it near or over the northernmost Virgin Islands sometime Monday.

  • The idea is to desalinate some of the seawater, but to use the rest to fill Xinjiang ' s dried-up salt lakes and desert basins in the hope that it will evaporate and encourage rainfall over drought-stricken areas of northern and northwestern China.

  • Hantemirov and Shiyatov [72] report that open larch forests were already growing in the Yamal Peninsula of northwestern Siberia 10.5 to 9 ky BP and that the most favorable period for tree growth lasted from 9.2 to 8 ky BP.

  • The variable ignored, maybe intentionally, is the impact on providers.

  • We all know this isn't true and this math is the worst kind.

  • Seems dumb. i'm here covert streaming - livestream. com/imhere i'm here turns out there was a glitch in my downloaded mp4, make sure you watch the second 4 minute upload after the first part glitches