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pristine Sentence Examples

  • The Champagne landscape is a mix of rolling farmland and forests, a pastoral if somewhat unexceptional view, save for the pristine, chalky soils of its vineyards—the same chalk that shows up as the White Cliffs of Dover across the Channel.

  • It has a custom-built walk-in humidor, complete with 30 private lockers for international guests who wish to keep their stock in pristine condition (all of which must be purchased from the hotel.

  • Nothing stirs the mind like a stack of pristine books and my love of Oxford World's Classics remains undimmed from the set texts of Open

  • Appreciative crowds in Park City left the pristine ski resort with an astonishing dose of reality-and a reminder of why, by turning its back on the real world, so much of today's commercial cinema seems tired and unadventurous.

  • The variable ignored, maybe intentionally, is the impact on providers.

  • We all know this isn't true and this math is the worst kind.

  • Seems dumb. i'm here covert streaming - livestream. com/imhere i'm here turns out there was a glitch in my downloaded mp4, make sure you watch the second 4 minute upload after the first part glitches

  • The statement also said, however, South Korea could still salvage dialogue by apologizing to the North for what it called unspecified "crimes" against it.

  • We were asked to consider whether the school library is a place, a concept, a function, or a learning commons; could we re-vision school as something happening within library?

  • Women dating younger men require a predatory nickname, which has quickly evolved into a taxonomy (cougars, pumas, or the more comical milfs); but men dating younger women are just called men.